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How to checkout using Cryptocurrency

p80 biz crypto checkout

Confused on how to checkout? Here is a step by step on how to securely checkout using Cryptocurrency.

  1.  Once you are satisfied and ready to checkout. Select checkout, as shown on Image.
  2. Once you click on checkout, you are presented with a billing and shipping form. Fill out everything and once completed select Proceed to Coinbase.
  3. You then have two options pay with your Coinbase wallet or pay with another crypto wallet using one of the addresses. We recommend Coinbase as its the easiest to use. If you already have a Coinbase wallet then go ahead and sign in to your wallet. Your device may sign in for you and may request a  verification code sent to your phone.
  4. Once successfully logged in to your Coinbase wallet. Select Pay with Coinbase.
  5.  Select the cryptocurrency you would like to use for purchase and select Send now.
  6. You may need to enter a verification code again.
  7. Transaction will then be completed and you will shortly receive an email with your order details.

Note : This process is fully secure and your wallet information is only shared with Coinbase.

In addition if you need any information regarding checkout on, contact us via email or phone

(407) 720-9606