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How is P80.BIZ unique?

P80.BIZ unique

How is our company unique and stand out from the rest of the firearm companies? When we started we had a few things set in mind. Sell high quality parts and make your purchase as secure as possible. That’s why we decided to be the first firearm company to accept Cryptocurrency. Our goal is to give you the quickest and most pleasant checkout experience, while still keeping your information secure and private. 

Why did we switch to Cryptocurrency?

Why would take the leap as the first firearm company to accept cryptocurrency? Not only do we think it’s the future but we believe it’s already here. Purchasing with cryptocurrency is by far the most secure way of checking out today. We recommend Coinbase as its the most common wallet used and has the easiest process at checkout. If you’re unfamiliar with cryptocurrency we recommend reading up on it and learning about it for yourself. Having a basic understanding will allow you to be more confident when making purchases in the future. A short answer is cryptocurrency runs off of a blockchain that is decentralized and goes through an encryption process every transaction it undergoes. This process allows your information to be fully disclosed and keep it private.

We are proud and excited to make this change. As we think it improves your checkout experience and allows you to feel more secure at checkout. Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly the future and we are proud to be a frontier for the firearm industry in the crypto world. Checkout for high quality parts and accessories.

Note : In addition if you need any information regarding checkout on, contact us via email or phone   

(407) 720-9606

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